Warehouse Mapping for Summer Weather

When the temperature gets warmer and the humidity goes up outside your facility, the temperature and humidity can change inside your facility too. Even small changes in temperature and humidity can mean the difference between our product being safe and unsafe. This is where temperature and humidity mapping come in. By mapping out your warehouses, cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, and any other location that environmental control is important, you can rest assured that your product is safe.

Regular Calibration to Reduce Risk

As a validation professional or quality assurance expert, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pharmaceutical or biotech equipment is in compliance with the regulatory standards. You have a responsibility to understand how your equipment is performing to guarantee that your qualification studies are within compliance of governing bodies.

Why Choose a Cloud to Host Your Data Monitoring?

Most monitoring systems rely on software that is installed on a local Server or PC – the monitoring software has typically been tested and validated, it runs, it performs the usual functions that are required for reporting, alarming and general display.  But is everyone happy?

Egyptian Distributor MYMSA for Agencies & Trade Partners with Kaye

Kaye’s distribution network now extends into Egypt with the finalization of agreements between Kaye and MYMSA For Agencies and Trade.

Effective immediately customers in Egypt can now rely on MYMSA to provide certified Kaye products and instrumentation to local metrology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology labs. This partnership now strengthens the relationship between Kaye and our customers by providing a trusted Egyptian distributor to handle the sale and processing of our thermal validation, environmental monitoring, and cold chain products.

Kaye Secures Partnership With JS Industrial

Kaye has obtained another association with the Peruvian distributor JS Industrial SAC, a leader in providing advanced solutions in process automation and control through the supply, installation, assembly and commissioning of instruments, state-of-the-art measurement and control equipment. The company is certified under the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards, which allows JS Industrial to offer a quality service with expert professionals in order to provide specialized technical support and after-sales service aimed at customer satisfaction.

Winter Warehouse Mapping

Warehouse mapping is defined by regulatory guidelines as a seasonal requirement to ensure that storage conditions are maintained at defined specifications. This is a very critical step in ensuring your products and assets are kept safe and within the threshold of standards while stored in your facility. A bi-annual thermal mapping can keep your facility in compliance and ensure products are kept safe.

Kaye Builds Extension to China Calibration Laboratory, Enhances Equipment

After receiving the ISO 17025 Accreditation earlier this year Kaye is further investing into the China Service Center of Excellence by building out the China calibration laboratory, located in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Kaye’s China lab has recently undergone a renovation, which included expanding the calibration space and adding new equipment. This renovation adds calibration baths and validation equipment to the top-of-the-line laboratory to enhance the quantity and types of instruments the lab can handle.

How to Change Battery and O-Ring on ValProbe RT Data loggers

When your battery needs a replacement on your ValProbe RT data logger, there’s no need to send it back to replace it. We’ve designed our loggers with the customer in mind, making it very easy to replace the battery in the field. Installing a new battery will not void the warranty on any ValProbe RT, as long as the battery is replaced the proper way according to the instructions below.

Kaye Announces Three New Distributors In the Middle East

Kaye has partnered with three new distributors in the Middle East, all of which are part of the Taawon Group in Jordan.

Al Taawon for Laboratory & Scientific Supplies Co. in Jordan is the parent company of Diamond Spectrum for Scientific & Laboratory Equipment in Saudi Arabia and Altayf Althahabi Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Trading L.L.C. in the United Arab Emirates.

Kaye Secures Partnership with Chilean Distributor Validad SpA

Kaye has secured another partnership with Chilean distributor Validad SpA, a leader in validation and advice regarding washing, disinfection, packaging and sterilization processes in Chile.

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