Kaye Introduces the Kaye Log -80 Vaccine Temperature Logger for Cold Chain Market to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Transportation Requirements

Pforzheim, Germany, December 2020 – Kaye has been a leader for over 60 years in the Validation and Monitoring of critical process data. With its introduction of the Kaye Log -80 Vaccine Temperature Logger and KayeTrack Cloud Kaye has applied the same quality principles to ensure the validation and safety of the Cold Chain. This NFC Logger with external probe allows the precise recording and monitoring of products that are using Dry Ice pellets for Cold Chain shipment and storage. Shipments of vaccines and plasma at -80°C (-112°F) are very sensitive for breaking of the container seal, which will quickly allow the internal temperatures to rise to a critical level. 



Kaye Netpac I - Product Advisory Notice

For over 30 years the Netpac I has been the standard for wired Monitoring systems in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry. With many hundreds of units sold customers still rely on the accuracy, reliability and proven performance of the Netpac units.

Several years ago based on availability of aged parts and rapidly changing technology, Kaye began the development of the next generation of Netpac II.....



New!  Kaye Log Video 新产品!Kaye Log 视频

Using Kaye Log NFC Temperature Loggers is simple. Just programm - push start and read with your smartphone... 
使用 Kaye Log NFC 温度记录器是非常简单的。只需要 - 使用智能手机按下开始和读取

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COVID-19 Update  

To be able to manage the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our supply chain Kaye has put a special task force in place to review this dynamic situation regularly. We are monitoring the global development of our supply chain and while at present there is no reason for our Kaye customers to be concerned you can help support us to manage and avoid future potential supply shortages.

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New! Kaye is launching Solution for Cold Chain Monitoring during Transport
新产品!Kaye 正在推出冷链运输期间的监测解决方案

Kaye is happy to introduce an all-in-one solution for transporting your temperature sensitive products!
Kaye 很高兴为您介绍一款集运输温度敏感产品于一体的解决方案!

Monitor your sensitive product shipments on your smartphone and Cloud with Kaye Log, wireless and affordable temperature monitoring on a tiny device. Contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology via your smart-phone or any other NFC enabled device – reduce your time spent in operations by up to 90%.
使用智能手机以及 Kaye Log 监测您的敏感产品的运输情况,无线的、价格优惠的温度监测集中在一个简单、小巧的终端上。非接触 NFC (近场通讯)技术可以通过智能手机或任意配有 NFC 技术的设备 - 减少90%的操作时间。

Kaye Log – protecting your Pharma Shipments!
Kaye Log - 保护你的药品运输!

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LTR-150 干井液体温浴,一体化温度基准--使用灵活,操作简单!

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Kaye and Stratus

了解 Kaye 如何将Stratus‘容错’ 服务器技术应用到 LabWatch 集中连续监控系统解决方案


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