Kaye LTR-90

    Ultra-Cool Dry Block Calibrator


    The Kaye LTR-90 is an ultra-cool dry well calibrator designed for portability and ease of operation. The dry well calibrator operates from -90°C to +140°C and delivers fast response, high stability, and automated sensor calibration for ultra-low temperature applications. This ultra-cool dry well calibrator is ideal for calibrating temperature sensors used in cold rooms, incubators, autoclaves, freeze dryers, freezers, and cryo units. If you are looking for versatility and precision, the Kaye LTR-90 is the dry well calibrator for your business. Multiple quality of life additions are included, such as ergonomic carry handles and a rubber dry well calibrator insulator cap to prevent frost buildup.

    The dry well calibrator is lightweight and rugged so you can calibrate sensors almost anywhere. Calibrating sensors in the environment where they will be used, provides the highest degree of accuracy as system temperature coefficient errors are eliminated. Proper use of the Kaye LTR-90 dry well calibrator can provide continued accurate calibration of temperature sensors and devices.

    The Kaye LTR-90 is mostly used with Kaye's Intelligent RTD (IRTD) probe and Kaye Validator to makeup a complete validation system. The dry well calibrator has four wells for sensors and two wells for IRTD probes. The Kaye LTR-90 is backward compatible with the Validator 2000, Validator AVS, ValProbe RT or RF ValProbe software for automatic sensor calibration or can be used stand-alone via it’s easy to use control buttons on the front panel.

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