Kaye HTR-420 High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

    Dry Block Temperature Calibrator flexible - easy to use (30°C to 420°C)


    Lifting the calibration of sensors used for high temperature measurement to a new level, the Kaye HTR-420 High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator is offering new features and accessories. The Kaye HTR-420, a carefully crafted Temperature Dry Block Calibrator known for its exceptional precision and user-friendliness, is designed to specifically cater to your rigorous thermal validation requirements.

    This unique Dry Block Calibrator is bestowed with the ability to calibrate up to 48 thermocouples concurrently. This feature remarkably enhances the efficiency of calibrating and verifying validation sensors temperature measurements, consequently saving significant time.

    Complementing this Block Calibrator is a 48 TCs thermocouple fixture that guarantees a steadfast and accurate positioning of sensors at full immersion depth. The device's substantial compatibility allows its users to experience seamless integration with various software, including Validator 2000, Validator AVS, ValProbe, and RF ValProbe, promoting effortless automatic calibration of your sensor temperature measurements. Users opting for more autonomy can operate it as a standalone unit via its intuitive touchscreen interface.

    For laboratories consistently dealing with high-temperature applications, we highly recommend investing in the Kaye HTR-420, a notably precise and reliable High Temperature Calibrator. The Kaye HTR-420, a Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, is built upon the principle of precision, considerably escalating the quality of your calibration process.

    This all-in-one high temperature calibrator is an ideal solution for laboratories seeking reliable and efficient thermal validation. The Kaye HTR-420 provides an extensive temperature range from 30˚ C to 420˚ C, generating readings with remarkable temperature stability of up to 0.01˚C. This feature reaffirms it as an irreplaceable and highly accurate Temperature Dry Block Calibrator for any laboratory.

    The value that the Kaye HTR-420 Temperature Dry Block Calibrator can add to your laboratory's calibration process is unmistakable. For a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, we encourage you to contact Kaye for a live demonstration of the Kaye HTR-420.

    Additionally, the Thermocouple Fixture ensures the easy management of up to 48 TC's, invariably achieving secure positioning at full immersion depth. The multi-functional Kaye HTR-420 classifies itself as a versatile High Temperature Calibrator. This tool aids in the streamlining of your laboratory's calibration process, particularly for high-temperature applications. Recognize the transformative power of this high temperature calibrator by scheduling a demonstration today.

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