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    Latest Products

    • Kaye ValProbe RT 5-Channel Bendable Logger

      The real-time Kaye ValProbe RT data loggers, obtainable in one and two sensor versions, are now also available with five sensors in conjunction with bendable probes. The advanced electronics of the loggers in combination with the PT-1000 Sensors achieves an accuracy of up to 0.10°C and at the same time enable an extended battery life. This Logger supports up to 100,000 samples per measurement channel – so a total of up to half a million datapoints per device.

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    • Common Reporting Tool 1.3

      The Common Reporting Tool software is a comprehensive reporting utility that can be installed on a separate Windows PC and allows you to generate reports from AVS or ValProbe RT Qualification study files in order to document the results of your validation studies.

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    • Kaye Console Keyboard

      Elevate your work and stay connected with the unique Kaye Keyboard, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Kaye Tablet Console. Experience convenient features that transform the way you work on the go.

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    • Kaye Validator AVS Software 2.0

      In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape where Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies depend on accurate and reliable data, it is essential that reporting is streamlined and flexible.  With the introduction of their latest software version 2.0 for Validator AVS, Kaye proudly presents a significantly enhanced reporting tool with simplified User Management capabilities.

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    • IRTD Display

      Introducing the Kaye IRTD Display, a standalone interface with a touchscreen. This advanced display unit seamlessly connects with up to two Kaye IRTD Reference probes, offering real-time temperature data in a user-friendly format. Equipped with a 4.3" touch screen, the Kaye IRTD Display provides clear and intuitive readings for both IRTDs, allowing users to monitor temperature with ease.

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    • Apr 03, 2024

      Kaye's Time Warp: The Traceable Temperature Standard

      Part 3 of this blog post series deals with another important part of the measurement philosophy that Kaye established early on as a system supplier for measurement systems for the validation of thermal processes. As early as 1972, with the introduction of the first Kaye Validator Digistrip I, it was clear that a data recorder or data logger (Blog Post Part 1) for data acquisition and the calibration furnaces and baths described (Blog Post Part 2) were only part of the journey towards an automated validation system.

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    • Mar 21, 2024

      Thermal Validation of Cryo Containers in the GxP Environment

      Cryo containers are found in various applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Be it to store biological samples like cells and tissues at extremely low temperatures to preserve them for future studies to use, or even for transportation. Thus, cryo containers are part of the cold chain and therefore must be qualified and validated according to EU GDP (European Union Good Distribution Practice). These guidelines were developed to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals throughout the entire distribution process from manufacturing to consumption.

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    • Mar 11, 2024

      Kaye's Time Warp: From the Bulky Block Calibrator to the Flexible Calibration Unit

      The calibration of the systems and sensors currently in use, along with the complete elimination of identified deviations, constitute fundamental components of a qualification. These are essential for the subsequent validation of a critical process within a GxP context.

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    • Feb 26, 2024

      Wired Data Recorders vs. Wireless Battery-Powered Data Loggers – A Question of Application

      For quite some time, the question of whether to use a wired data recorder or a wireless battery-powered data logger for the validation of thermal processes in the GxP environment has been discussed.

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    • Feb 15, 2024

      Kaye’s Time Warp: How It All Began

      In today's blog post, we would like to take you on a journey through time to the origins of Kaye and the company's early steps in the field of validating thermal processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

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