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    • Kaye Validator AVS Software 2.0

      En el panorama digital actual, en rápida evolución, en el que las empresas farmacéuticas y biotecnológicas dependen de datos precisos y fiables, es esencial que los informes sean ágiles y flexibles. Con la introducción de su última versión de software 2.0 para Validator AVS, Kaye se enorgullece de presentar una herramienta de informes significativamente mejorada con capacidades simplificadas de gestión de usuarios.

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    • IRTD Display

      Presentamos el Kaye IRTD Display, una interfaz independiente con pantalla táctil. Esta avanzada unidad de visualización se conecta a la perfección con hasta dos sondas Kaye IRTD Reference, ofreciendo datos de temperatura en tiempo real en un formato fácil de usar. Equipado con una pantalla táctil de 4,3", el Kaye IRTD Display proporciona lecturas claras e intuitivas para ambos IRTD, permitiendo a los usuarios monitorizar la temperatura con facilidad.

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    • HygroCal100 - Humidity Calibrator

      The HygroCal100 provides a stable test chamber to quickly evaluate the performance of Kaye’s ValProbe RT Humidity Loggers or any relative humidity sensors across a wide range of 5 to 95% relative humidity. The intuitive design allows up to 8 probes or loggers under test to be easily sealed and immersed in the chamber. Typically the HygroCal100 is controlled by the ValProbe RT Software for automated Verification runs but alternatively the unit can also be controlled by the 4.3” LCD touch-screen, that runs a powerful UI, which displays all measured values from the reference along with a graphical trend indication of chamber stability. If not used with the Kaye ValProbe RT Loggers the HygroCal100l is also capable of automating complete validation procedures with ease, and providing a complete logged output in csv format straight to your USB memory device, to minimize the time you spend taking readings.

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    • LN2 Comparator

      The Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Comparator is an easy-to-use device that allows for calibrations that need extremely low temperatures. Using the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, this comparator allows you to complete calibrations at -196 C in a semi-automated fashion in combination with Kaye Validators. 

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    • Kaye ValProbe RT Humidity/Temperature Logger

      The ValProbe RT logger with humidity and temperature sensors comes with RF technology to give users real-time data viewable on their Validation Console. With a humidity range of 15% to 95%, and a temperature range from 0°C to 70°C, this logger has a wide range of capabilities for temperature and humidity mappings.

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    • Sep 08, 2023

      Decoding Long-Term Stability: RTD vs. Thermocouple Sensors - Stability lays the foundation for precision

      Precision is paramount in the realm of Kaye products, making the choice between Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) and Thermocouples (TCs) is essential for accurate measurements. Let's dive into their long-term stability comparison.

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    • Ago 07, 2023

      Streamlining Network Management and Enhancing Security with Microsoft Active Directory and Kaye

      Active Directory* (AD) is a directory service developed by Microsoft specifically for Windows domain networks. Its primary function is to proficiently manage users, computers, and various resources within a networked environment. Within Active Directory, information regarding all network objects, such as, users, groups, computers, printers, and devices, are stored and organized in a structure known as the directory tree. This architecture enables easy discovery and management of objects across the network. 

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    • Jul 24, 2023

      Kaye Partners with GAMP Services to Expand Reach in India's Market

      Kaye is excited to announce a strategic partnership with GAMP Services, a renowned distributor specializing in the distribution of cutting-edge technology and services within the Indian pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry.

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    • Jul 03, 2023

      Government Leaders Celebrate Inauguration of Kaye‘s Office in Hyderabad

      In a momentous occasion, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana government, officially inaugurated our new Kaye office in Hyderabad.

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    • Jun 23, 2023

      Understanding Lethality Calculation: Minutes or Seconds?

      When assessing the effectiveness of a sterilization process, calculating the lethality using the F0 method is crucial. One significant consideration in this calculation is the duration required to eliminate a specific number of microorganisms, which can be expressed in either minutes or seconds. Using expressing time in minutes is more widely accepted and practical, understanding the differences and implications of using seconds is also important in certain scenarios. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of expressing time in minutes or seconds when calculating lethality using the F0 method.

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