Common Reporting Tool

    Generate your Validator AVS and ValProbe RT Reports from your PC


    The Common Reporting Tool is a comprehensive software compatible with Windows based PCs. It enables you to create reports from your Kaye Validator AVS or ValProbe RT Qualification study files, offering a practical solution for documenting the results of your validation studies.

    Using your Kaye console, you can generate qualification study files and transfer them to your PC using the sync-out function over a network drive, a step that effectively sets up for practical report generation in the convenience setup of your office.

    The new version 1.3 allows merging up to three ValProbe RT studies into one seamless report. Additionally, now the new AFNOR X15-140 compliant report for climatic and thermostatic chamber is available for ValProbe RT studies.

    A free 30-day trial is available for download here.

    To purchase the Common Reporting Tool software please contact your account manager via the contact form here


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