Growing Kaye; Extension of the European Center of Excellence in Germany

After establishing and opening a Service Hub in West Coast early 2021, extending and accredited the Service & Calibration Center in China the same year, Kaye is now making a significant investment in its European Center of Excellence in Pforzheim, Germany. Expansion has been underway, and this is going to allow us to bring in many improvements to benefit everyone. Let’s look at some of the big details.

Egyptian Distributor MYMSA for Agencies & Trade Partners with Kaye

Kaye’s distribution network now extends into Egypt with the finalization of agreements between Kaye and MYMSA For Agencies and Trade.

Effective immediately customers in Egypt can now rely on MYMSA to provide certified Kaye products and instrumentation to local metrology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology labs. This partnership now strengthens the relationship between Kaye and our customers by providing a trusted Egyptian distributor to handle the sale and processing of our thermal validation, environmental monitoring, and cold chain products.

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Amphenol Advanced Sensors Germany GmbH 
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KAYE Americas 

Amphenol Thermometrics, Inc.
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