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Winter and summer warehouse mapping is defined by regulatory guidelines to ensure that storage conditions are maintained at defined specifications.
Critical parameters involve the measurement of  temperature and humidity to ensure the uniformity and control of the warehouse.

That’s why it’s important to perform a warehouse mapping using equipment that is built to withstand and detect any type of temperature change inside your facility.

At least twice per year, usually once in the winter and once in the summer, it’s important to protect your temperature and humidity-sensitive products by performing a thermal warehouse mapping of your storage, chambers, freezers, refrigerators, or warehouse by using a Kaye RF ValProbe® II. Oftentimes, the heat of the summer months can change the temperature and conditions of your storage facility enough to impair or even damage products. Scheduling a routine warehouse mapping is one of the best ways to prevent issues with your GMP systems.

View our rental solutions here to find which products will work best when doing a warehouse mapping of your facility.

The RF ValProbe's will continuously monitor your facility's temperature and give you an instant readout, making it simple for you to understand your site's conditions. During a warehouse mapping, the probes can be easily placed throughout the facility and read using our intuitive software on any PC or smartphone.

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