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  • 1959

    Kaye founded by Dr. Joseph Kaye/ Professor of Thermodynamics at MIT in Boston
  • 1963

    Kaye IcePoint/UTR Reference; 1st patented industrial solution for Cold Junction Reference Compensation for high accuracy Thermocouple Measurement Systems
  • 1972

    Launch of Kaye System 8000 1st Data Recorder widely utilitized for Thermal Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 1974

    Thru addition of Temperature Standard (IRTD) & Calibration Bath
    Kaye offers complete turnkey solution dedicated to Thermal Validation
  • 1978

    Launch of Kaye Digistrip I, II and III family; 1st full page formatted Thermocouple Chart Recorder with Micro-processor Technology
  • 1983

    Introduction of Kaye Digistrip IV Kaye’s 1st programmable DOS based Thermocouple Chart Recorder
  • 1991

    Introduction of Kaye Labwatch System PC based System used for Continuous Monitoring, Alarming and Reporting of Critical Processes.
  • 1997

    Introduction of Kaye Portable Validator and Validator KL Compact, portable windows based Validation Systems designed for ease of transportation.
  • 1998

    Creation of European Kaye Office Providing local sales, calibration, and technical support for growing European Market
    Couple of months later official accreditation of European Calibration Lab in Pforheim, Germany for EN 17025
  • 1999

    Launch of Kaye Validator 2000 Wired Validation System Major re-design of current Kaye Validation systems addressing 21 CFR part 11 compliance as well as switch from paper to software based System.
  • 2003

    Launch of Kaye ValProbe Wireless Data-Logger System extending portfolio to non-wired system for Harsh Environment
  • 2007

    Launch of Kaye ValProbe II Expansion of wireless Datalogger platform geared for real-time non-harsh applications
  • 2010

    Opening of Sales and Service Centers in China and India, offering local support in growing markets. Local Calibration Labs provide in country for country services.
  • 2015

    Introduction of Kaye Validator AVS Revolutionary platform to address current and future requirements for Data Integrity and Data Management
  • 2018

    Re-design of Calibration Dry Block and Bath line utilizing current technology for improved capacity, accuracy, efficiency, and user interface. Kaye LTR-150, Kaye HTR-420, Kaye CTR-25
  • 2018

    Introduction of Kaye ValProbe RT Loggers with newest RF Technology collecting real-time Wireless Data in Harsh Environment
  • 2019

    Kaye - Leader in Thermal Validation celebrating 60 Years of Innovation and Compliance

Kaye Teams celebrate globally

  • Amphenol Piher Team

    Amphenol Piher Team Spain, stands with Kaye 

  • Kaye Team Billerica, AMER

    Happy Anniversary from our Kaye Team in Billerica, AMER 

  • Kaye Team St. Marys, USA

    Birthday Party in St. Marys, USA

  • Kaye Team India

    Congratulations from Kaye Team in India

  • Kaye Global Sales Team

    Kaye Global Sales Team wishes a Happy 60th Anniversary !

  • Kaye Team Mexico

    Kaye Team Tijuana, Mexico is having a great Birthday Party !

  • Kaye Team China

    Kaye Team Changzhou, China wishing Kaye all the Best !

  • Kaye Team Korea

    Kaye Team in Korea with great view on Seoul celebrating the 60th Anniversary

  • Kaye Team Pforzheim, Germany

    Kaye Team Pforzheim, Germany wishes HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Congratulations from Customers, Partners, Suppliers and Employees

  • My name is Breiana  and I have been with Kaye for 8 years. I love the stories and history of the Kaye brand and look forward to being a part of the future Kaye. The People of Kaye are very loyal to their employees and their customers.

    Happy Birthday Kaye many more!!

    Breiana Villella
    Account Manager
    North West AMER
  • To the happy Kaye team,

    Congratulations on your 60th anniversary!

    I have been privileged to work with the Kaye team for the last 38 years and enjoyed the professional and friendly assistance and support  from everyone.

    Keep the good work going.

    Wishing you all the very best for the next sixty years!

    George Sarmonikas
    Director Active Instrument Services Pty LTD, Australia
  • My name is Wei Ma I am customer care of China I start working for Kaye only one year, but I like the team and being part of the Kaye Family, which is my great honor! Here I wish Kaye a Happy Birthday!

    Wei Ma
    Customer Care - Kaye Products
  • My name is Manjiang Gu, a service engineer of China! I joined Kaye since two years ago. I am proud to be a member of Kaye family, makes me happy and live a beautiful life! Happy Birthday to Kaye and wish Kaye stronger and stronger!

    Manjiang Gu
    Service Engineer - Kaye Products
  • We would like to congratulate you on your 60th company anniversary and wish you every success for the next 60 years. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.

    Thomas Meth
    Head of Product and Application Management, SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG
  • I started to work for Kaye beginning of 2005, during GE time. Since that time, beside the good reputation and good products, I felt in Kaye something special, magic... 

    This never happened in my previous working places. Today, after 14 years, I can consider Kaye as my second family, or as my second football team after Juventus.

    Buon Compleanno Kaye &... Fino alla fine

    Davide Postacchini
    Kaye EMEA Distributors Manager
  • To the entire Kaye Team,

    For the last 11 years, I‘ve worked with some of the best hardware and systems available for our target segments. But working with Kaye has also allowed me to continue to work with some of the best people that I personally know. Even as we are measurement people, it‘s impossible put a value to the invaluable help, support, care, from all the people within Kaye that we come into contact with over the years.

    I thank you all for everything, and my heartfelt congratulations on this big milestone of 60 years!

    Norman Leong
    Sales Director The Reference Standard Pte Ltd,
  • A big congratulations to the KAYE team on their 60th anniversary. I have had the great opportunity of working with the KAYE team as part of my role in NIBRT and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    Shada Wharreth
    Interim Bioprocessing Programme Manager
    NIBRT Dublin, Ireland
  • Hello Friends and KAYE Family,

    I have worked with KAYE products here in South Korea for over 32 years and have had many satisfied customers and made many lifelong colleagues working together with the Kaye family. We really appreciate all the gracious support and assistance you have provided over these many years.

    A most sincere congratulations on your 60th anniversary and wishing you another bountiful sixty more!

    GY Kim
    President Korea Industrial Corp. KOINCO
  • Dear Kaye Team,

    Firstly i want to say a massive congratulations on this milestone, 60 years is a huge accomplishment! We at Active Instruments believe that KAYE Instruments are the market leader when it comes to validation, its an absolute honour to represent Kaye Instruments, the constant innovation sets KAYE apart from the rest

    The team at KAYE is extremely attentive and accurrate, from the girls that organise the OEM Calibrations, technicians and all the staff involved to ensure quick turnarounds are met. Secondly the sales and technical support and advice that we and our customers recieve from you is extremely valuable, once customers buy the KAYE products they never leave and it is definately due to all the after sales service and support they recieve. Keep up the awesome work guys!!!!.

    Rashpall Sekhon
    Sales Manager Active Instrument Services
  • In my 38 years with Kaye I have had the honor and pleasure of working with a company which has been a key contributor the development and evolution of Thermal Validation as well know it today. The leadership, passion and dedication of the employees along with the continued innovation of high quality products and services have continued to position Kaye as the leader in Thermal Validation.

    Thanks you to the long line of friends, customers and partners who have supported us thru the years and provided valueable input and feedback so we could continue to grow as a company and provide the level of support and service you need. We look forward to working with you as we continue on our journey.

    Happy 60th Birthday Kaye

    Dennis Plante
    Kaye Senior Validation Market/Product Specialist
  • Dear Kaye!

    With 60 years full of innovation, customer satisfaction and reliance 
    is Kaye a global player in Thermal Validation Science! 
    Out of China, India, Germany, Mexico and The United States 
    in many countries of the world Kaye operates. 
    Working with customers, vendors and colleagues like best friends 
    I wish that such succesfull story like Kaye never ends!

    For Kaye as business lots of more great years 
    I will take my glas to congratulate – Cheers!

    Britta Bezner
    Business Controller KAYE
    Pforzheim/ Germany
  • What an honor it has been spending 28 years of my career working for Kaye, a Leader in Thermal Validation. Kaye continues as a market leader with the commitment of our employees with innovation and quality to our products and services. 

    I would like to thank all of our partners, customers and friends that provided us feedback that helped us grow over the years. 

    I think Joseph Kaye would be proud of what his little company has become.

    Happy 60th Birthday 

    Robert Yaffe
    Americas Sales Leader - Kaye
  • For Grupo ALAVA, being partner of KAYE for so many years, sharing a major part of its already long life, it’s a matter of big proud.

    KAYE is a partner we trust for a desirable long term partnership, which allows us projecting this trust to a market that values it so much.

    Being a pioneer and a reference in its field, KAYE “opens doors” on the Pharmaceutical production market, which it’s more and more a big plus.

    Congratulations for the 60th Aniversary!

    Rodrigo Fonseca
    Product Manager, Grupo ALAVA, Spain
  • Congratulations to Kaye on your 60-year anniversary! 

    Fluke values our 20+ year relationship in providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries that validate the quality and safety of products produced around the globe.

    Jay Hack
    Business Unit Manager, Fluke Calibration
    Everett, WA, USA
  • J‘ai découvert le matériel Kaye lors de la mise en place d‘une structure métrologie sur le site

     avec le Validator X1310 et l‘IRTD en 1996.

    J‘ai aussi été heureux de voir l‘arrivée de Joel Dasilva, lors d‘un “fameux“ séminaire à Beaune ou le contact professionnel et amical nous à permis de créer des liens dans la bonne humeur et le respect.

    Depuis, notre collaboration n‘a cessé de grandir et même si le X1310 a disparu, l‘IRTD est toujours opérationnelle et c‘est cet historique de stabilité, de fiabilité dans le temps qui donne toute la valeur à ce type de matériel.

    Cette stabilité et fiabilité se traduit aussi au travers des échanges humain avec notamment Mr Da Silva via la réactivité pour répondre aux besoins et aux problèmes.

    Merci à vous

    Danielle Kerville
    Chargé Validation
    Ipsen Dreux
  • 21.900 days of Innovation and Services for our Customers
    8.400 days being part of this Team
    Hundreds of years combined application & product expertise
    Many patents and unique solutions
    Appreciated each and every day with the clients, the team and the Kaye family!
    A lot of numbers but only one reason to celebrate – 60 years of Kaye

    Happy Birthday!

    Frank Kies
    General Manager Kaye
    Pforzheim, Germany
  • Happy Birthday to Kaye ! 

    You‘ve set the gold standard for many years.  My first experience was with a Digi II, almost 40 years ago. Before that we were using a „multipoint“recorder and calculating F values manually.
    The Digistrip was like a dream come true! 

    Of course, you guys have always been leaders in the field of technology and the newest generation of equipment is equally impressive – and so much easier to use! 

    Wishing you all the best!

    Mary Stahl
    Director, Equipment Validation & Technical Services
    Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC
  • Kaye has been the trail blazer in the field of thermal validation for the last sixty years. It has made all pharmaceuticals manufacturers specially the vaccine and injectable ones achieve highest standards in medicine. We have been their trusted partner in India market for over 10 years.

    We wish Kaye a happy 60th Anniversary and hope that they continue to bring path breaking products for the customers to achieve highest standards in healthcare.

    Chandrahas Shetty
    CEO, Skytech Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • We, as Arthron., a company located in Hungary have had the honor of working with Kaye and its products since many years ago, building a relationship that is not only based on business anymore but friendship as well. Not only we have fortune to represent in our country Kaye's leading technologies for validation and monitoring, but our regional manager, Davide Postacchini, has become than a significant partner and precious guide for us, but a true friend, who always supports us to strengthen Kaye's position in Hungary. 

    Happy Birthday Kaye, congratulations for these 60 years, we all wish you the best from Budapest! 

    Claudia Specia
    Sales and Marketing Manager, Arthron Ltd.
  • Congratulations to our friends at Kaye celebrating 60 years of success! 

    The evolution of the ramp scanner, to the Digi II, the Digi III, and the Digi 4 family, to the Validator 2000, to the last generation data collectors - the AVS - you have been revolutionary in providing validation solutions. Looking forward to your centennial celebration and the advancements you will make in the future. 

    Wishing the team continued success! 

    John Masiello, Executive Vice President, and Laurie Masiello, President 
    Masy BioServices

  • Congratulations to all at Kaye in celebrating their 60th year anniversary. 

    Over the years I have purchased and used Kaye Instruments, from the Digistrip II through the Digilink series, Validators, ValProbes, as well as the temperature calibration equipment.  The instruments, technical support and continual innovation is second to none in the pharmaceutical industry for process monitoring. 

    We continue to use Kaye instruments for facility and process monitoring, with one on each of our 7 lyophilizers, Validators for validation activities, the ValProbes for lyophilizer shelf temperature mapping studies, and the Kaye dry well blocks for routine calibration.  I look forward to Kaye carrying on the tradition of providing high quality instrumentation and exceptional service, and wish you continued success for the future.

    Edward H. Trappler
    President Lyophilization Technology Inc.
    Ivyland, PA, AMER
  • Immense pleasure to be KAYE-tian for more than fifteen Years, the journey with great carrier path, filled with challenging roles, knowledge, learnings and best friends from Kaye family and Industry.

    KAYE always The Wall of Time in the field of Thermal Validations, My warm wishes to Kaye for very special 60th Anniversary year.

    Asif Gavandi
    Kaye Account Manager; South Asia
  • We at Nestronix would like to extend our sincere congratualtions to Kaye Instruments for their 60 year anniversary celebration! This is quite an achievement!

    Nestronix is very proud to be a supplier to Kaye Instruments for the past 18 years. We look forward to being a part of your success and working with you for another 60 more!

    Susan Wadsworth
    Nestronix - Global Supply Chain GM
    Sterling, USA
  • When I joined our business full-time in the spring of 1984, Kaye was already the one and only reference supplier of the thermal validation instruments that Fedegari was using. Today, almost 35 years later, all over the world, our people and our customers still rely on Kaye instruments and personnel when it comes to prove that our sterilizers outperform any competitive equipment.

    Kaye instruments and personnel are our absolute reference when doubts are not an option.

    Keep going like this!

    Giuseppe Fedegari
    President Fedegari Group

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