Kaye launches new wireless, high accurate measurement solution for temperature and humidity

Pforzheim, Germany – March 2017; Kaye is pleased to announce the release of the new RF ValProbe II Wireless Loggers and Base Station. The RF ValProbe II takes advantage of the advances in RF technology as well as added features and functionality to provide enhanced performance for your Validation needs.  

Kaye RF ValProbe II integrates SmartMesh® networking technology incorporating features such as self-configuring of the mesh network and automatic data collection to provide superior Validation and Monitoring functionality

The operating range of the loggers of -40°C to +60°C and temperature sensor range of -200°C to +200°C make them ideal for real-time RF validation and environmental monitoring e.g. chambers, warehouses, freezers, refrigerators and steam-in-place (SIP) applications.

The new industrial design with integrated LCD Display enables simple and direct access to data.

The system architecture provides 100% data redundancy in both remote logger and base station, in addition with highly reliable RF network. There are additional options for redundancy data retrieval and backup using micro SD card and USB.

The dual powered, logger runs on AC Power and/or Battery with life greater than 1 year in typical use, using Standard 3.6V AA Primary Lithium batteries. The Emergency Battery backup for the base station guarantees additional 30 min uninterrupted operation using 3.7V AA size Lithium rechargeable batteries.

The RF ValProbe II system includes Validation software which provides the ability to configure setups, view real -time date, generate graphs, run studies and store data, perform sensor calibration and verification and create reports. 

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