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Kaye ValProbe™

Wireless process validation and monitoring

The ValProbe™ system's wireless probe design eliminates the need for hard-wired sensors simplifying access to hostile, remote or hard to reach environments. With it's broad operating range and ability to measure temperature, humidity and pressure, ValProbe is suitable for many process validation and monitoring applications including:

  • Steam sterilization
  • EtO
  • Tunnels
  • Ovens
  • Retorts
  • Incubators
  • Freezers
  • Warehouses
Kaye ValProbe Temperature Datalogger

NEW! Dual Temperature Logger

Featuring two temperature sensors from a single housing, the Dual Logger is ideally suited for distribution / penetration studies. And, at less than the cost of two individual loggers it is a great way to extend your buying power. The twin sensor configuration is available in paired bendable or flexible stems, or with a single bendable or flexible stem matched with a rigid sensor. In the paired bendable configuration, the Dual Logger is compatible with the new low-profile Insulating Canister, extending the operating range to 360°C.

NEW! Single Reader

For applications requiring a modest number of data points, the Single Reader delivers the utility of ValProbe technology at a greatly reduced price. Powered directly from a laptop pc connection and with a compact design, the Single Reader is perfect for field or desktop use. The Single Reader is shipped with the latest ValProbe V1.35 software which provides intuitive study setup, data retrieval, and comprehensive post-study reporting capabilities.

Kaye ValProbe System Reader with Dataloggers The ValProbe system is ideally suited for applications where high measurement accuracy and regulatory compliance are priorities:
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Medical Device Sterilization
  • Food Processing
  • Environmental Monitoring
Built in data processing and reporting capabilities extend the ValProbe systems operating convenience far beyond mere data acquisition. The ValProbe system performs calculations and generates custom user-defined reports for up to 200 sensors from 100 Loggers at one time. User calibration and verification is a quick and easy process with the new CTR-40 Temperature Reference. Of course, ValProbe satisfies FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures and records and complies with EN 554 for saturated steam sterilization.

Design features include:

  • RTD technology delivers unrivaled measurement accuracy over a wide operating range
  • System downloads up to 10 probes simultaneously
  • Easily defined cycle-based data collection, calculation, and reporting from up to 50 sensors
  • Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11
  • Operates from -80C to 360C, and up to 10 BAR absolute
  • Designed for easy on-site calibration
  • Battery life indicator and field replaceable battery
Kaye ValProbe Dataloggers

ValProbe™ Insulating Canister

For those applications at the extreme ends of the temperature spectrum, we've developed the ValProbe Insulating Canister. This casing protects the ValProbe Logger battery and electronics, extending the range of our bendable temperature logger from -80° C to 360° C. ValProbe's RTD sensor technology provides unmatched accuracy over the entire range, eliminating the need to purchase multiple dataloggers for varied applications.

Click here to download more information on the overall ValProbe system, as well as technical specifications for the temperature, humidity and pressure loggers. To request printed literature or quotations, click here, call Sales at 1-800-964-5293 (US and Canada) or, contact your local sales representative.

Valprobe Documentation

SOP for Valprobe Customers -- Saves Time

Here is a time-saving document for customers who need to create a standard operating procedure (SOP) for ValProbe. You can download it for FREE. The SOP describes all validation components, operation, calibration, report generation, and more. Download the file and modify it to suit your requirements. Go to download page.

ValProbe IQ/OQProtocol

This document defines a set of procedures to ensure that ValProbe and it's associated components are properly installed and operated according to Kaye recommendations and adequately documented and controlled according to cGMP requirements. The documents are also provided on CD as part of the package allowing you to modify them to suit your organization.

Kaye Validation DocumentationThe package contains the following

  • Installation Qualification Document
  • Operational Qualification Document
  • Standard Operating Procedure Document
  • Document files on CD in MS Windows, Word 97
  • Set-up programs are also included on the CD. These setups are part of the testing for the Operational Qualification.

To request a quote for this product, click here or email us at kaye.ge.com.

Validation Reference Guide

Kaye supports ValProbe as a validated system with published documentation. Individually serialized, the VaProbe Reference is designed to help you meet your validation system audit and vendor qualification requirements - while saving the time and expense of conducting an audit at Kaye.

The reference provides an overview of the Kaye Quality Policy, describing the ISO 9001 implementation. Included are the procedures and standards for development, testing, and maintenance of hardware and software. The Reference contains:

  • Functional specifications
  • Test plan procedures with test documentation
  • Change procedure with problem reports
  • Release notes and engineering change orders
  • Testing and QA acceptance.

The finished document is a summary of information you would obtain from an audit at Kaye - and at a much lower cost. As a registered user, you are notified when subsequent updates are published to ensure your reference stays current.

To request a quote for this product, click here or email us at kaye.ge.com.


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